8 Reasons To Sell Your Home By E.O.I.

Expressons of Interest™

  1. It uses a price range and therefore does not hem you into a fixed price. 

  2. A market valuation by a qualified experienced registered valuer is obtained to eliminate confusion.

  3. A closing date is set so buyers must make up their mind and avoids a long drawn out sale.

  4. A high impact advertising campaign is employed focusing on the main marketing mediums that are relevant to each property.

  5. Buyers can not only make offers at any time but can simply register their interest to be contacted when other offers are received or upon the closing date.

  6. Buyers can set conditions but only terms that are favorable to vendors.

  7. Unlike an auction that is stressful, Expressions of Interest™ is the most stress free method for both vendors and buyers alike without the all the public airing.

  8. The negotiation is individual and discreet. Unlike the fixed price where the price is declared or an auction where all other bids are obvious to all. Therefore you get the maximum price.