Covid19 Updated Monday 23rd November 2020

Inspections are by appointment only, for Sale and Rental Properties  

Maximum 20 people from multiple households, subject to density quotient.
Infants under 1 year of age are not included in the total
Excludes owners, residents and the minimum number of people required to conduct the inspection
Density quotient must be considered.
People can travel between Metro and Regional Victoria for inspections

The following still apply during all inspections

"Face Masks" must be worn at all times inside unless you have an exemption (no masks required outside if you can social distance)
Social distancing of 1.5metres
Hand sanitiser will be available on inspections
Our agents will have gloves and will open cupboards, wardrobes etc therefore you won't need to touch anything apart from hand rails or the odd door handle which we will wipe down with antibacterial wipes before and after inspections.                   

Sales and rental appraisals 
By appointment please call 0419 541 117 or 019 545 805

Please do not make an appointment to attend a property if you have the following symptoms : -  

  1. Fever
  2. Cough
  3. Sore throat
  4. Shortness of breath
  5. If you have travelled internationally in the last 14 days
  6. If you have or may have a suspected case of COVID 19

Please cancel your appointment on the day if you have any of these symptoms.

 Rental Applications can be submitted via on 1Forms

  1. Please lodge your full application via 1Form (Rentals only)          

Auction Update
Maximum of 50 can attend an outdoor auction from different households. 

Sales and Rental Updates 
The national cabinet are in continued discussions with the REIV (Real Estate Institute of Victoria) we will update any changes as they are notified to us. 

We will continue to attend to your enquiries via emails.


Urgent Rental Enquiries 0434 674 430 (Voice messages can be left, please do not text to this number) 

General Sales Enquiries Harry Lew 0419 541 117 or Neville Morey 0419 545 805 

Office Line 9580 9333 (has be redirected to a team member) email is the preferred communication.

Our mail (has been redirected to a team member)